Luen Thai at 50: A Culture of Integrity and Care for the Community

Luen Thai at 50: ​​ A Culture of Integrity and Care for the Community

(September, 2015, Hong Kong, China) Luen Thai International Group celebrated its Golden Jubilee tonight.  Its distinguished guests included Mr. Yang Jianping, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office, Mr Gregory So, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Eddie Ng, Secretary for Education, Members of the Executive Council and Legislative Council, business and community leaders.   Mr Cesar V. Purisima, Secretary, Department of Finance of the Philippines, and Mr Albert Chan, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Hong Kong, gave speeches at the event as Guests of Honour. More than 1,500 guests attended the celebration party.

Secretary Purisima, Mr Yang Jianping and Mr Albert Chan joined Luen Thai International Group Chairman, Dr Tan Siu Lin senior management team, and other officiating guests for a lighting ceremony which lighted up a vibrant tree to symbolize the growth and energy of Luen Thai.

Luen Thai was founded in 1965 in Hong Kong.  Henry Tan, Vice Chairman of Luen Thai International Group Chairman, pointed out that the company has grown from a small shipping and trading firm into a global conglomerate which employs more than 50,000 people today.  This success has been founded on the company mottos of “Integrity, Trustworthiness, Dedication, and Diligence” and also “Giving Back to the Community”.  He also thanked his parents, in particular Dr. Tan Siu Lin, who laid down The Tan Family Precept to guide how family members should conduct themselves in the family, business and the community which would be the basis of the Tan family’s harmony and business continuation.  He said the family and Luen Thai are determined to uphold the core values laid down by Dr Tan Siu Lin, “so that Luen Thai will become a better corporate citizen a well as a business family and a company of renowned governance, to more success in the next 50 years.”

Luen Thai’s development has gone hand in hand with its philanthropy.  Dr Tan Siu Lin began to give back to the community in the 1970’s which has continued to this day.  Such activities include regular voluntary work by Luen Thai staff, donations, education aids, scholarships and programs, etc.  Caring for the community is now firmly established as part of Luen Thai’s corporate culture. At the celebration dinner, the guest performers were the choir of the Po Leung Kuk Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School and the Latin Dance Team of TWGHs S C Gaw Memorial College.  Both schools have received significant support from the charity arm of the Tan Family - Tan Siu Lin Foundation.

Luen Thai also took the opportunity to thank its customers, business partners, employees and friends, and most importantly all the places which have nurtured its growth and success.  It should strive to uphold the company mottos of “Integrity, Trustworthiness, Dedication, and Diligence” and “Giving Back to the Community” as it enters into another 50 years.